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Setting New Standards For PTAC Energy Performance

Setting new standards for PTAC energy performance

Independent research has confirmed the revolutionary, energy-saving performance achieved by the Applied Comfort i42 unit after a study compared it with standard PTACs at an installation in Toronto.

Applied Comfort, one of the world’s leading authorities on the design and manufacture of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) has hailed its latest innovation, the i42 Inverter, as a clear market leader.

In test conditions, the i42 used on average 27% less power during its cooling function. When the unit’s operation was switched to heating mode, the energy performance demonstrated an impressive 47% average reduction in power use by comparison.

Darrell McKenna, Parts & Aftermarket Manager, HTS said: “These dramatic, and proven energy savings set a new benchmark for energy performance in the PTAC market and are the culmination of years of research.

“The i42 incorporates state-of-the-art INVERTER technology not found in standard PTAC’s and its performance is, quite simply, revolutionary as it not only delivers the best conditioned air, but it does so by using the lowest energy consumption and the most consistent dehumidification.”

The Applied Comfort unit also boasts the lowest sound levels, with its quietness achieved by modulating the output of the cooling or heating demands of the room which eliminates the need for constant compressor stop/start.

The i42 is available exclusively from Applied Comfort’s Canadian partner, HTS.

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