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Seven Generations Of Success

Seven Generations of Success

Twenty-one years after it was first published in 2002, Seven Generations of Success by Nigel Watson celebrates its e-book release. The book details the history of the business and the journey to success of the Carver Group, something we are very proud of.

Family History

The book delves into the history of the Carver family, who have run the Carver Group for more than two centuries. Patriarch Joseph Carver established the business in Walsall in 1776. The book includes a full family tree of the Carver family, following 286 years of the Carver line from Joseph Carver born in 1735 to the most recent addition to the family, in 2021.

Business successes and challenges

The book goes on to explore the business successes and challenges of Carver Group, detailing how the business explored new avenues to meet customer demand and remained at the forefront of innovation. You may be wondering how the company moved to HVAC, and this book explains how.

Local History

The book also explores the family’s impact on the local area in Walsall and surrounding areas. Local historians will be fascinated by the photographs, illustrations and documents featured in the book.

20 years on

Since its original publication in 2002, David Carver, lifetime president has added an “Afterword” to the book and the business reflecting on the last 20 years of trading as well as a positive outlook on the future.
To find out more about the Carver Group, you can read about our history here, or download the book today.

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