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The Carver Group is a family owned business which manages a portfolio of manufacturing businesses; Biddle, Thermoscreens, Applied Comfort, CoolTherm, Carver Clamps and Widney Leisure.

The Carver Group headquarters are in the UK and the company has representation in 50 countries and branches in Germany, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada.

The Carver Group centrally manages Group competence centres for research and development, manufacturing and project management in order to create innovative HVAC solutions for a wide range of market sectors including retail, industry and the public sector.

The Group also has a consultancy company Cubist which guides grocery retailers on how best to improve energy efficiency and the quality of air comfort in their buildings.

Our three research and development centres co-operate with universities to develop the latest technologies into customer oriented solutions. The Carver Group is represented on the HVAC standards committees and thus helps to shape the future of the industry.

Our History

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1776 The Beginning

Established in 1776, the Carver Group is an 8th generation family-owned business started by Joseph Carver who made whips in Walsall, which were exported throughout the British Empire.

1900 Engineering

In the early 1900s, following the invention of the motor car, 5th generation David Carver established Carver & Co Engineers alongside his father’s continuing whip business.

1958 The Rack Clamp

The whip-making business was sold in 1958, by which time the company had developed the first Carver Clamp – “the rack clamp”.

1967 Caravan Market

By 1967, the company began its involvement with the caravan market inventing the world’s first automatic caravan mover. Through acquisition, the company grew to become the sole supplier of heating products to the UK caravan industry.

1990 HVAC Business

By 1990, with the 7th generation David Carver heading the business the company changed direction by selling the caravan business and acquired two HVAC businesses, Thermoscreens and Biddle.

2016 Group Development

In 2016, the Group acquired Applied Comfort Products adding to its portfolio of profitable manufacturing businesses and providing the Group with significant growth opportunities in the North American HVAC market.

2018 Cooltherm Business

In 2018, the company acquired Cooltherm Limited in the UK to allow the Group to provide its own HVAC installation and maintenance service.

The Board

The Carver Group has an Executive Board made up of the Group CEO, Group FD, Non-Executive Chairman and three Non-Executive Directors. Collectively the board is responsible for developing and implementing corporate strategy and effective corporate governance that is consistent with shareholder objectives.

An experienced Operational Board is also in place and the team are charged with developing and implementing operational strategy in accordance with the business’s 5 year plans. The operational board members are responsible for leading the local management teams.

The Executive Team

Aidan Killeen
Group Chief Executive Officer

Aidan joined the Group in 2012 as CEO having occupied a number of senior posts for international brands in the HVAC market. He is vastly experienced in delivering growth and under his leadership the group has already doubled in size. His vision is to continue to grow and he has developed a robust strategy that will see it double again through acquisition and organic growth by 2020.

Stuart Fyfe
Group Financial Director

Stuart joined the Group in 2015 as Group FD having previously held senior financial positions within major international brands. Stuart has vast experience in delivering strong effective Corporate Governance.

Non-Executive Team

David Carver
Non-Executive Chairman

David operates as head of the holding family. He joined Carver & Co (Engineers) Ltd in 1969, becoming a Director in 1977, MD in 1979, Chairman in 1992 and Non-Executive Chairman in 2008.

Tim Carver
Non-Executive Director

Tim has occupied a variety of roles within the business and
now represents the family on the Executive Board.

Doug Morrison
Non-Executive Director

Doug was CEO of the Group for 20 years and was responsible for developing the business internationally. He oversaw 8 acquisitions and 4 disposals and realigned the Group into a profitable player within the HVAC market.

Chris Carver
Non-Executive Director

Chris joined the Non-Executive board in 2018 and has spent the last decade working in industrial and commercial energy consultancy and service performance.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the HVAC sector, by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable brands and solutions that customers trust to enhance the comfort of their environment.

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