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Saving The Planet Can Save You Money

Saving the planet can save you money

Biddle, the world leader of air diffusion technologies, has been given the ‘clean energy’ seal of approval by The Netherlands Enterprise Agency.  The scheme managed by the Dutch Ministry of Economy and Finance invests in efficient technologies and renewable energy supporting organisations that adopt clean energy solutions.

The Energy List, features products which when purchased, offer an average of 13.5% tax advantage on purchase and installation costs and ensure lower energy bills.

Biddle BV products included on the Energy List, are the unique energy saving and sustainable SR, an infrared sensor controlled air curtain that reduces heat loss through open doors. Hailed as the only product on the market with an infrared control, the SR conserves energy by not just keeping warm air inside the building and cold air outside, but by intelligently using as little power as necessary.

In addition Biddle BV’s NOZ2 and Heat Recovery Unit also qualify for Energy Investment Allowance tax redemption.

The NOZ2, a revolutionary heating and cooling mechanism that can cool and heat buildings and factories. It has the capacity to target specific areas offering a much more flexible approach to temperature control and a more comfortable environment for employees.

Biddle’s Heat Recovery Unit, reduces emissions and saves money. It improves air quality and reduces energy consumption using counterflow technology. Waste heat is extracted from warm, polluted air as it leaves the building and transferred to cool fresh air as it flows in.

Businesses eligible for EIA tax relief must pay income or company tax in the Netherlands and make an investment listed on the Energy List.

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