History Carver Group


Joseph Carver began his business in 1776 making whips in his home town, Walsall; still known to this day for its high quality equestrian products. His business developed to become the UK’s pre-eminent whip manufacturer, exporting throughout the British Empire. The business passed down the generations until the early 1900s when 5th generation, Dav Carver, seeing the future in motor vehicles rather than horses, set up his own engineering business alongside the whip making. The two businesses continued side-by-side with Dav’s sons, John and Jos taking over from him to bring the company into the post WW2 era. In 1958 the whip making was sold off, the first “Rack Clamps” were developed and the company continued with its special purpose and high speed tube bending machines. By 1967 the company having outgrown its town centre premises moved to a new, purpose built factory in the Brownhills district of Walsall. It was also at this time the business began its involvement with caravan space and water heating which grew to the point of Carver being the sole supplier of such products to the entire UK caravan industry. By this time, 7th generation David Carver was heading the business which was now operated by non-family professionals and this brought about a major change of direction, the selling of the caravan heating business and the acquisition of two air curtain businesses, Thermoscreens and Biddle, under the banner of Carver Climate Systems. In 2016 the Group acquired Applied Comfort Products, a successful air conditioning manufacturer in Canada, spearheading a concerted campaign to include North America amongst the Group’s markets. But not all is history; Carver Clamps and ranges of gas and electric fires for caravan holiday homes and domestic use continue to be profitably produced linking the business back to earlier times.