Trade and public buildings



The Biddle and Thermoscreens brands are market leaders in supplying state of the art energy saving products and solutions to the retail sector. From simple kiosk applications to full heat recovery and control systems in large retail stores the Carver Group has a solution for most applications.

Public buildings

The Carver Group products can be found in many of the world’s most iconic buildings.  A combination of functionality and aesthetics has allowed us to meet the needs of architects and building systems designers in applications such as museums, schools, universities and  government buildings. Products from the Biddle and Thermoscreens brands include air curtains, heat recovery systems and fan coils.


Maintaining a comfortable working environment is a benefit to productivity. That is why many office complexes choose products from the Carver brands Biddle and Thermoscreens. From a complete heat recovery system to a simple heater for a vestibule or service area Carver has a solution to fit your need.